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Meet the Coordinator

Mr Paul MungaiMr Paul MungaiSt Mary’s started IB in February 1983 with three main aims. These were to provide a broader but still very rigorous alternative to the A levels to assist in placing students in overseas universities and to provide a carefully integrated two year programme which stresses moral values and the spirit of service.

This last aim helps to fulfill the mission of St Mary’s since its foundation to educate the whole person and enable students to grow in “Bonitas”(goodness), “Disciplina”(self-discipline) and “Scientia”(knowledge) the three inspiring virtues which form the school motto and which have created the community spirit of St Mary’s for over sixty years

Many students join our pre-university I.B diploma programme because they want to obtain the I.B Diploma , a qualification accepted by Universities throughout the world. Indeed many of our students have gone on to competitive universities in the U.K, USA, Canada, Australia, Uganda, and South Africa. Also to private universities here in Kenya. They are attracted also by the flexibility of the course and its emphasis on critical thinking and the acquisition of skills rather than in content for its own sake,

Some years ago Stellavision presented “Teen bash”, a series of programmes in which young Kenyans discussed the issues of the day, with great seriousness and respect for each other’s opinions. The producers approached many schools but ended up fielding a team of panelists who were almost  all former IB students of St Mary’s who had sharpened their skills in debate and their ability to express their thoughts fluently and coherently, invaluable skills in later life.

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